I was asked from Red Crescent in United Arab Emirates to produce merchandise that will help raise money and awareness for the people in need. This was the first time that I worked for a good cause and as far as it concerns me, it had to be very successful. The Red Crescent organisation was kind enough to allow me lots of time in studying the country, its customs and way of living before my first designs. This was a very important step both for the organisation and for my work in order to define the looks, feel and language of the project. As we saw from the research, in the last 40 years United Arab Emirates have become an financial and architectural marvel but still the tradition and nomadic style of the old world is very present. We decided to use trigonometry, stars, arabic patterns and traditional henna designs in order to transport the message “Care for Life”. We defined a positive language for the brand, updated the look of our ambassadors with friendly young faces and we created hand made designs to reflect the new face of Red Crescent.

Female t-shirt based on traditional henna designs

Cotton bags with the same motive.


Male t-shirt

Notebook from recycled materials

First aid kit

Mug with the Crescent symbol

Key holder made of recycled carton

Power bank with solar charging capabilities

Candles with aromatic essence from the U.A.E. area

Male t-shirt with ancient star system designed by hand