The App for money transfer between friends. Send & request money, free and in realtime. It’s super easy and safe – and you can start sending money to all of your friends in your phone contacts right away. Any time, no matter where you are, in Euro, Pounds and Dollar.

All you need is a smartphone, an internet connection, and some friends, of course. So, next time you’re having an awesome night in your favourite restaurant, share a cab or want to buy a gift voucher with a group of friends, forget about split bills or spare change. Just let one of your friends cover the bill and you can transfer the money straight to them, and vice versa. Or if you own a small business, you won’t need loads of cash or complicated credit card add-ons anymore, just have your customers send you money to your phone.

We’ve also added some nice little extras to make the whole money topic go down a bit better for everyone… chats, emoticons, a virtual Payfriendz MasterCard for convenient online shopping and heaps more. Make money transfers with a personal touch and share special moments with your friends!