Golden liquid straight from the headquarters of tremendously spoiled olives. Maini is a new company with only 2 years of life and the main goal was the following: Create a product that protects olive oil the best possible way (product made from tinplate) that is 100% recyclable, has the ability to be reused and is not created in countries where there is child labour. Last but not least: Make it look great!
The packaging is”MADE IN GERMANY”, the premium olive oil  is “MADE IN GREECE” and  is made out of tinplate. Tinplate (in opposite to Aluminium) has the ability to be magnetised so even if a person is not “recycle friendly” (which i hope there is a really small amount left) then the bottle will be magnetised from huge magnets in the dumpster area. Just for the record, in Germany more than 97% of tinplate was recycled in 2007.
The bottle comes with a “pourer” and it is used to control the flow of the olive oil.